About The Tax Shop Inc.

Corporate Tax Consultant In Brampton, ON

Beginning in 1987, Bob has been active in the fields of accounting and tax business strategy working for a broad spectrum of Canadian businesses. Bob’s experience and knowledge advanced him to a Senior Manager position in a mid-sized Toronto-based CA firm. Furthering Bob’s corporate skills was a multi year assignment as Controller in a prominent Canadian subsidiary company. Bob’s senior analytical abilities resulted in an invitation to take a lead position on a restructuring and integration team for a food manufacturer being acquired by a larger national company.

Returning to private practice, Bob formed “The Tax Shop Inc.” in order to satisfy his desire to respond to the needs of small and mid-sized businesses throughout the private sector. With a personal belief in “treating people in the way you expect to be treated”, Bob has expanded his practice and becomes an essential member of his client’s senior financial team.

Additionally, Bob has a strong love for the community in which he lives and is very active in countless nonprofit projects involving mentoring and teaching leadership skills to the youth of today.